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Here at Mario’s Moshi Site, you can find posts relating to Moshi Monsters, of course. Due to the lack of updates in-game there hasn’t been any news to report as of recent..

We also have a Moshi Village page, for you to all post your codes. All comments are moderated, so no bad language will get through! Everyone on the page is very nice 🙂

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If you want to know something, then drop me a comment and If I know, you will be told 🙂


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New Moshlings! New app! AAA!


unclescallopswinterHow do you do, fellow kids?



Two years later and things have picked up. They will probably plummet downwards shortly but let’s just enjoy what we are given for now.

First of all, the book I blogged about recently is now an app too. Search “Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt” in both android and ios app stores to play it!

When you buy the Egg Hunt book, you are given a customised Moshling and the code to unlock it in the APP (not the online game). I have managed to source images of all the possible Moshlings. There’s 30 in total! Enjoy!

custom-moshling-14 custom-moshling-3 custom-moshling-4 custom-moshling-25 custom-moshling-8 custom-moshling-10 custom-moshling-1 custom-moshling-5 custom-moshling-11 custom-moshling-30 custom-moshling-12 custom-moshling-15 custom-moshling-19 custom-moshling-9 custom-moshling-23 custom-moshling-20 custom-moshling-22 custom-moshling-16 custom-moshling-6 custom-moshling-18 custom-moshling-17 custom-moshling-27 custom-moshling-21 custom-moshling-13 custom-moshling-7 custom-moshling-29 custom-moshling-2 custom-moshling-28 custom-moshling-24 custom-moshling-26

At the moment, we do not know the names or traits of these characters. Regardless they’re pretty fun to look at!

That’s all for now. Ciao!

Mario sign

October Update – Actual new stuff, I guess?

Hey all!

Some things to report on at last.

I found some of the old Moshling animations in higher quality!

Here’s an example of one.


Pretty neat, ey? I doubt these will ever make it into the game as they were all made in 2014, but it’s nice to see what would’ve been. We have uploaded all of the animations as images on the Moshi Monsters Wiki. Simply search the following names into the search bar to see the animations.

  • Clump
  • Threddie
  • Gumdrop
  • Ivy
  • Dinky
  • Shmoops
  • Vernon
  • Oopsy
  • Major Moony
  • Otto
  • Splitz
  • Jarvis

Enjoy them! They’re wonderful and superbly animated considering the restraints on the Moshling Zoo. Each animation has to be a certain amount of frames. Ivy’s animation suffered from this and had to be cut down. It still looks great in my opinion!

Finally, the last thing is some actual news that isn’t something from the past, and actually something new!

There’s a brand new Moshi book, titled Egg Hunt, out now! It’s personalised with your name and follows an adventure with you and Buster Bumblechops.

For £20, you get:

  • The book itself
  • A poster with all the characters in the book
  • Yourself designed as a Moshling
  • Trading Cards

It may seem quite expensive but this is printed directly from Mind Candy themselves, so I guess it’s not too bad.

If you want to order one, or want to know more, here’s the site:


That’s all for now. Hopefully this is a sign of more activity to come!


Late August Update

Hey there!

Well, looks like something may actually be happening after all..

Mr. Moshi (created the idea of Moshi Monsters on a napkin. Yeah.) tweeted the following image:

New Moshlings In Development

He wrote “Shhhhh, top secret. New Moshlings in development.”

Yeah! Exciting stuff. I’m not totally bought on it though because it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been lied to.. Let’s hope for the best. Zooming into the image shows some fun characters! Make sure to have a look. We recently tweeted him about Moshi and he said that they are deep into development with a new project so hey! Something.

In other news; my Moshi room has been looking.. a tad unusual.


Before you get excited, please know this is not an update 😦

User @kimb_jo on Twitter has helped us find ways to modify Moshi’s files (server wise, meaning you can only see it yourself and it’s not physically in the game for others to see). With this tons of things are possible, such as adding all the Moshlings to your account and adding unused Moshlings as you see above. This is a fairly complicated process to go through, so to save you the trouble we have recorded footage for YouTube;

In a way it’s better that these changes are not permanent to your account. I wouldn’t want to take the prize from the kid who won Raffy (for whatever reason.. Seriously it’s 2016 and still no answer to that).

Oh! Also; another thing. Bexy from Moshi support recently emailed select players to give them a code for a 7 day membership. Here it is for you to enjoy!


I think that’s about it. Then again, what is there to talk about when it comes to Moshi Monsters? This month was quite eventful compared to previous ones. 

See ya’ another time,


Late June Update

Hey all;

I doubt many, if any are going to read this but I thought I’d round up with some “Moshi” related news;

  1. The Moshi Magazine finally ended on Issue 66. This was probably for the best however; as the content inside of the recent issues has been very poor and nothing worth reading at all.
  2. Mind Candy have been awfully quiet with any projects, and aren’t doing too well financially.
  3. Moshi Monsters’ social networks however have been pretty active; and are sharing fan art on the pages. You can submit fan art by mentioning them in a tweet or photo and using the hashtag #moshimonsters.
  4. Speaking of fan-art; PepperQT (a wonderfully creative and talented Moshi fan) has started her fan comic Staff-Area! It is based on the events of the Moshling Rescue! app and features the character mascot Ellie.  You can view it here!
  5. Twitter user Leah_cinnamon has also created some lovely Moshi fan art recently including a super neat gif of Tyra Fangs. Leah’s Twitter link!
  6. I have also been creating the odd Moshi fan art. You can find that on my DeviantArt.
  7. Work has continued on the Moshi Wiki too. Pepper has uploaded illustrations from the Music Island Missions books. I have added new badges to earn from editing pages and Ross has been working super hard; as per usual. Thanks Ross!

I’d say that’s about it. Posts aren’t often here due to do the lack of actual news to report however if you want to engage with the community you can do so by joining the Wikia or giving us a mention on Twitter. We’re happy to talk with anyone with an interest in Moshi!

See you another time..

Cloud Thingy

MWHAHAHAH! I have taken over!

Hello mortals,

It is I, the great and goopendus Ecto. I have hacked this site with my mad skills!! (Joe just left the computer unoccupied).

I figured whilst your precious little Moshi Monsters game is sooo lacking in updates, you might want to check out my site, y’know, ’cause I star in it. It’s all cool. I’m cool.

You can visit the site below. The website contains tons of Moshi Monsters comics featuring hit characters such as Ecto (Me!), IGGY, Purdy and Pooky and more. Click the link below to check it out!


Or, you can check out a comic below, if you’re somehow not entertained yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, the same (stupid) guy who runs this site runs the comic site too, so it’s all good. Check it out or elseeeee!!! (I won’t do anything, don’t worry.)


URGENT: Support Yolka Crazy!’s petition to help Moshi Monsters update

BenedictHi there,

I’m surprised it’s got to this!

Anyway, as you know, Moshi Monsters is suffering a large lack of updates. Wikia user, staff of our friend Moshi Max, Yolka Crazy! has created a petition to help get activity. If it gets over 50 supporters, Moshi may see it.

How can you help?

  1. Support by clicking this link!
  2. Share! Make sure you tell everyone you know about it. Please help!

Thank you!


Some Updates


Of course, nothing to report ingame yet. But I just wanted to let you know that the Mario’s Moshi Site Twitter is back up and you will get frequent updates from that. You can see a live feed at the side of the site, and here’s a link if you want to follow!

In addition, I have created a new header for the circus Moshlings. I created a background too but that isn’t showing up.  I’m working on it!

I have also got some circus figures too. Here’s some pics!

ci cii ciii

Well, I hope you like the figures! If you have any suggestions on what I could do to improve this site, please let me know 🙂