Bon Appétit! Food Factory Collectables out now!


MMSMarcel Marcel here, telling you about the fantastique creations from Vivid Imaginations!

Released in 2015, we have the brand new series of collectables, based off my Food Factory!

In my factory, I have to deal with much suspense, much drama. 16 of the little critters decided to escape and join the real life supermarkets!

Here are the little scamps!


As you can see, there’s a variety of old and new characters, along with toppings I put on my pizzas! Can you collect the rare ones, Milo, Oddie, Micro Dave and Cutie Pie? These retail at £2 for two characters or £5 for five!

Also, you can go to and enter your secret code from the packs to have a chance of winning muy bien prizes!

But surely my friends will be a bit lonely on their own. How about you spice their lives and treat them to a Candy Floss Spinner?


Retailing at £10, this playset is a nice way to keep your favourite Moshlings moving; whether they want to or not! press the handle and the Moshlings in the middle will be sent on a whirling ride! See that Dipsy there? Well, due to a mishap in my kitchen, she got covered in candyfloss. I reassured her and said it looked good on her.. She’s exclusive to this product!

Speaking of ‘moving’ hon hon..


Straight from Giuseppe himself, we have the Food Factory Van! You can serve your Moshlings some great treats, and it even comes with a Roarberry Ripple Coolio! Even better, a secret code for that Coolio is available as an ingame item and you even get some coins to pocket for Moshi Village! Score!

Also, I hear those Americans want these too, hon? Don’t worry! oui, we have these delicacies available there, including an exclusive 10 pack version, including all your favourite characters!

FF 10 Pack

Well, that’s it for now! I must speed off! Au Revoir!



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