New Moshlings! New app! AAA!


unclescallopswinterHow do you do, fellow kids?



Two years later and things have picked up. They will probably plummet downwards shortly but let’s just enjoy what we are given for now.

First of all, the book I blogged about recently is now an app too. Search “Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt” in both android and ios app stores to play it!

When you buy the Egg Hunt book, you are given a customised Moshling and the code to unlock it in the APP (not the online game). I have managed to source images of all the possible Moshlings. There’s 30 in total! Enjoy!

custom-moshling-14 custom-moshling-3 custom-moshling-4 custom-moshling-25 custom-moshling-8 custom-moshling-10 custom-moshling-1 custom-moshling-5 custom-moshling-11 custom-moshling-30 custom-moshling-12 custom-moshling-15 custom-moshling-19 custom-moshling-9 custom-moshling-23 custom-moshling-20 custom-moshling-22 custom-moshling-16 custom-moshling-6 custom-moshling-18 custom-moshling-17 custom-moshling-27 custom-moshling-21 custom-moshling-13 custom-moshling-7 custom-moshling-29 custom-moshling-2 custom-moshling-28 custom-moshling-24 custom-moshling-26

At the moment, we do not know the names or traits of these characters. Regardless they’re pretty fun to look at!

That’s all for now. Ciao!

Mario sign


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