MWHAHAHAH! I have taken over!

Hello mortals,

It is I, the great and goopendus Ecto. I have hacked this site with my mad skills!! (Joe just left the computer unoccupied).

I figured whilst your precious little Moshi Monsters game is sooo lacking in updates, you might want to check out my site, y’know, ’cause I star in it. It’s all cool. I’m cool.

You can visit the site below. The website contains tons of Moshi Monsters comics featuring hit characters such as Ecto (Me!), IGGY, Purdy and Pooky and more. Click the link below to check it out!


Or, you can check out a comic below, if you’re somehow not entertained yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, the same (stupid) guy who runs this site runs the comic site too, so it’s all good. Check it out or elseeeee!!! (I won’t do anything, don’t worry.)



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