About me!


I’m MarioJoe11. I’m 16 years old and I’m a big nerd. I love all things Nintendo, Moshi and mainly anything that’s childish!

My Monster is called Riolu, named after a Pokemon.

I have 150/151 Moshlings.

I am a Moshi Member, I am D Monstar list.

I am Level 32.

I’m happy to add anyone!

Feel free to add me on the following accounts. Some accounts are more personal than others though.



You Tube: Rockhopper2321

Cloud Thingy


18 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Hi Mariojoe11! I am the admin on http://www.moshigirlz2013.wordpress.com and I am currently having version 4 coming soon! I REALLY like your site and it looks as if you would be the type to post daily. My last few authors quit… they didn’t have the time 😦 But anyways If you would like the job please comment on any page about it (I’m currently not available on email 😦 Can’t access) and I will send an invite 🙂

  2. dear Mariojoe11 my name on moshi monsters is funkyfurree I really like you and I am already your friend. I don’t have a website or a youtube account but you can send me gifts or messages

  3. i have a wika for all moshi fans at moshimonsters.x10host.com it is still under construction but you can join and improve it at double the speed

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