Moshi.. 3D!

Hello everyone!

Incredebooks have released a brand new Moshi Monsters app.. Moshi 3D! It allows you to scan images from their book and transform them into 3D AR images! Now.. If you don’t have the book, you can still take part. The book is only available in America, so I don’t have it. But if it comes here, I will certainly get it to show it off 🙂

If you don’t have the book, there’s a total of four pages you can try out. You have to pay for three, but one is free. Here it is!


The whole premise behind this is to colour in the image above then scan it with your tablet. I quickly coloured the image in and here was the result..

coloured in


Then, I scanned the image, and Katsuma came out in 3D! I couldn’t get a clear image due to it not being printed out.



Here’s another screen too. The app plays the instrumentals to the Moshi Theme Song and Hi-Yah Hurricane too!



When I have more information, I will make sure to update this post. For now..




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