October Update – Actual new stuff, I guess?

Hey all!

Some things to report on at last.

I found some of the old Moshling animations in higher quality!

Here’s an example of one.


Pretty neat, ey? I doubt these will ever make it into the game as they were all made in 2014, but it’s nice to see what would’ve been. We have uploaded all of the animations as images on the Moshi Monsters Wiki. Simply search the following names into the search bar to see the animations.

  • Clump
  • Threddie
  • Gumdrop
  • Ivy
  • Dinky
  • Shmoops
  • Vernon
  • Oopsy
  • Major Moony
  • Otto
  • Splitz
  • Jarvis

Enjoy them! They’re wonderful and superbly animated considering the restraints on the Moshling Zoo. Each animation has to be a certain amount of frames. Ivy’s animation suffered from this and had to be cut down. It still looks great in my opinion!

Finally, the last thing is some actual news that isn’t something from the past, and actually something new!

There’s a brand new Moshi book, titled Egg Hunt, out now! It’s personalised with your name and follows an adventure with you and Buster Bumblechops.

For £20, you get:

  • The book itself
  • A poster with all the characters in the book
  • Yourself designed as a Moshling
  • Trading Cards

It may seem quite expensive but this is printed directly from Mind Candy themselves, so I guess it’s not too bad.

If you want to order one, or want to know more, here’s the site:



That’s all for now. Hopefully this is a sign of more activity to come!



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