Heaps and Heaps of new Moshlings!

Hey all!

So, a few Moshlings have come out in the past few weeks. Want ’em? Keep reading!



Tessa is a Moshling in the Sparklies set. To get them, you need to plant:

One Yellow Moon Orchid, Two Any Snap Apples.

This means that they can be caught by all Members without any purchases with Merchandise!



Chirpy is in the Cuties set. To get Chirpy, you need to plant:

Two Pink Moon Orchids, One Any Crazy Daisy.

This means that all Members can get her, just like Tessa!





Bubbly is also in the Cuties set. To get Bubbly, you need to plant:

Three Any Crazy Daisies.

It’s a shame that all these new Moshlings are for Members only. Nevermind that, here come the Special Seed Moshlings!






Loomy is also in the Sparklies set with Tessa. To get Loomy, you have to purchase the Moshi Monsters: Mash-Up Party Starter Pack which comes with a code for their special seed.



Fuddy is the finishing Moshling to the Smilies set. However, this guy is a little.. Iffy. To get him, you need to enter the Moshi Mag comp telling them about a charitable deed you have done, equipped with at least one photo of you doing this. Only one person has Fuddy in the World at the moment!

Well, I hoped this helped you. Good luck catching all these guys!



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