Series 11 Countdown Day 8

Hey everyone, I got a new charger! So I’m back and ready to do days 8-1!

So for today, we have King Brian the Dandy Lion, #201!

Take a bow because Dandy Lions are convinced they are descendants of Emperor Meow, the legendary Regal Roarer who once ruled over the Barmy Swami Jungle. But they’re not. They’re just silly little Moshlings who enjoy wearing Twistmas cracker crowns and waving at passers by. All hail!


They live in Barmy Swami Jungle, along with Jeepers and Lips!

Who is Lips, you may ask? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


3 thoughts on “Series 11 Countdown Day 8

  1. Hi I have a question. At the moment lots of people keep buddying me (which is fine) but the weird thing is that only 1 person requests me, and a minute later somebody else does etc.
    Also, about these people. I can’t talk to them because they need to “verify” their account, their garden and mission buttons etc are grey, and the food place has under construction tape. is this just a coincidence?

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