Series 11 Countdown – Day 5 – Fusty!

Hello everybody!

James has lost charge on his computer, so he won’t be able to post for a few days. For now, you have me, Joe.

Today’s Moshling is Fusty the Fabled Fungi!

They might be old, wise and beardy but Fabled Fungis are goopendously young at heart. In fact they’re usually too busy raving to bother shaving, and can still dance all night, despite their dodgy knees. Next time you see one, ask about the time Screech McPieHole (Main singer of Hairosniff – Rumoured to be a type of Moptop Tweenybop; Zack’s idol) collapsed on stage at Moshistock.

Fusty is certainly one that took me by surprise. Fusty is my favorite so far! Do note that he’s Ultra Rare, so you’ll have some trouble catching him. Also, it is interesting to note that he shares the same habitat as Doris!



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