A Mistake on Bonnie? +Description

Hey Guys, you may be wondering is Bonnie’s species Hoxy Foxy or Sassy Lassie? Well, Buster Bumblechops said she is a Hoxy Foxy but Vivid said she is a Sassy Lassie… Hmm, what name do you think is better? I personally like Sassy Lassie, it’s more fitting. And here’s her description:
“Say howdy doody to the whip-cracking Moshlings that love yeehah-ing their way around the world of Moshi. When they are not lassoing critters on Skedaddle Prairie or keeping the peace on wild frontiers, Sassy Lassies love singing rootin’ tootin’ songs and slamming shots of wobble-ade in the Sloppy Saloon.”

Cool, right? Well this isn’t confirmed but it’s kind of obvious that she will be in the Yeehaws Set 😛



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