More Moshlings?

Hey everyone!

So as you know, there’s been quite a few Moshlings recently. Well, a new one just got released, along with two others preparing for release!

Luckily, we know how to get them all, and Non-Members can get one of the three!





Peeps The Bowtied Bookling is quite delayed in release, but luckily anyone can get them!

Peeps is now in the zoo and I recently caught them.

Peeps Caught


So, you want Peeps for yourself?

You’re gonna have to talk to Buster Bumblechops.

Email him at and get a special code to get Peeps online!

2.Topsy Turvy


Topsy here is unreleased so far, but we recently discovered this old critter (From about 2 years ago) hidden around Moshi!

When they are out, you’ll need to plant:

Any Hot Silly Peppers x2

Any Crazy Daisy




Like Topsy there, Bubbly was also found hiding around Moshi.

If you like this lil’ critter, when they are released, you’ll need to plant:

Any Crazy Daisy x3


I hope this helps you all, happy Moshling hunting!



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