Three New Moshlings!

Hey all!

On Monday, three new Moshlings were released.

Planning to catch them? Well you’re not in the best of luck, as they are quite tricky to get your hands on!

Anyway, before we start, I’d like to give an update on Raffy.


Raffy HQ

A child called Raffy created.. Well, you guessed it, Raffy, through some unknown deal, which unfortunately means that only Raffy can get Raffy!

Anyway, let’s get to the Moshlings we can actually get!


Pops Neutral

Pops is a new Moshling in the Salties set, along with Linton, Lubber and Shimmy.

To get Pops, you will have to buy the ‘Moshi Slopcorn’ for £10.

However, it’s not released yet. It will release 20th June.

It will only be in the UK as far as we know 😦

Here are some photos of the Moshi Slopcorn, along with the exclusive figure of Pops.

Popcorn tub

Packaged up.


Popcorn tub 2

Unpackaged (Notice Pops’ figure looking a little different? Well you’ll have to catch him online to find out!).


Weegul NeutralMag logoWeegul is a new Moshling in the Cuties set along with Chirpy and Bubbly.

So, do you want yourself a Wobbly Dobbly? (That means Weegul!)

You’re in luck, as she’s actually available!

You need to subscribe to the Moshi Mag, yet again to get this little critter.


Truffle Neutral



Truffle is a new Moshling in the Woodies set along with poor, lonely Peekaboo 😦

(Well, he’s got a friend now!)

If you want your hands on this little seedling, you’ll have to hang on tight for a little.

He will be available with the second wave of the Carte Blanche: Moshlings Collection Plush.

The release date is unconfirmed, so we’ll have to hang on tight! 😦

I hope you liked this post, and I hope it helped you!

(Psst.. 18 more little Moshlings are making their way to your Zoo soon..)



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