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The Moshlings Collection – Wave 3

Hello everyone!

Today, thanks to Carwyn from the Moshi Wiki, we have found that the Wave 3 Plush are now out!

Here is the line up.

TombaMMS1 LEOMMS1 EctoMMS1 WillowMMS1

Here we have Tomba, Leo, Ecto and Willow.

They are £5 each online and all come with their seeds to obtain them in game!

This is great news for Leo, as you couldn’t get his seed for a while until now!

Will you be buying these? I hope you do! I am!


TombaMMS2 LeoMMS2 WillowMMS2EctoMMS2


Hey everyone,

Posts aren’t usually made like this. However, this is quite important.

A user on Moshi Monsters has obtained Raffy and Fuddy. They have impersonated Raffy and impersonated a young girl who ran miles for her mother for cancer. If you want to read the full story, the link is here: …

Please, share this. Help save Fuddy and Raffy!


Heaps.. More! More Moshlings!

Hello everyone!

Yep; we’re back. Sorry for the long delay of posts. There hasn’t been much to post about.

A few days ago, the 100% Moshlings Magazine came out in the UK and Australia!

It contained a whole bunch of new Moshlings! they are all down this post somewhere. You can see them on the new header too!


Before we start, thanks to Carwyn from the Moshi Wiki for these scans. He and I worked hard to scan pages of this book, so please be considerate when sharing.


Bruce – Unknown set..


Clump – Yeehaws


Holmes – Unknown set


Jen – Gurus


Dudley – Unknown set


Flitter – Unknown set


Flora – Unknown set


Fopkin – Fuzzies


Mishmash – Toomies


Rebus – Unknown set


Shed – Unknown set


Gideon – Unknown set


Gumpty – Unknown set


Gilbert – Unknown set


Morgan – Unknown set


Kazzi – Toomies


Travis – Unknown set


Drake – Unknown set


Squelch – Fruities

Neat Moshlings, eh? Mishmash may come out soon.. (Did I say that out loud? shhh..)

Complete Sets:

So, you’re probably thinking “Well, great and all, but the Moshlings in their sets would look cool.”

No need to worry!

I have scanned some sets, right from the Mag. Here they are!

MunchiesSetDifferent ArtiesPenDifferent LegendsPenDifferent ScreamiesPenDifferent YeehawsPenFull MusosPenFull GurusPenFull YuckiesPenFull WheeliesPenFull ToomiesPenFull MythiesPenDifferent

I scanned some of the older sets as they have new houses!

If you want more action with these new Moshlings, have a go at this.



See you another time!



Heaps and Heaps of new Moshlings!

Hey all!

So, a few Moshlings have come out in the past few weeks. Want ‘em? Keep reading!



Tessa is a Moshling in the Sparklies set. To get them, you need to plant:

One Yellow Moon Orchid, Two Any Snap Apples.

This means that they can be caught by all Members without any purchases with Merchandise!



Chirpy is in the Cuties set. To get Chirpy, you need to plant:

Two Pink Moon Orchids, One Any Crazy Daisy.

This means that all Members can get her, just like Tessa!





Bubbly is also in the Cuties set. To get Bubbly, you need to plant:

Three Any Crazy Daisies.

It’s a shame that all these new Moshlings are for Members only. Nevermind that, here come the Special Seed Moshlings!






Loomy is also in the Sparklies set with Tessa. To get Loomy, you have to purchase the Moshi Monsters: Mash-Up Party Starter Pack which comes with a code for their special seed.



Fuddy is the finishing Moshling to the Smilies set. However, this guy is a little.. Iffy. To get him, you need to enter the Moshi Mag comp telling them about a charitable deed you have done, equipped with at least one photo of you doing this. Only one person has Fuddy in the World at the moment!

Well, I hoped this helped you. Good luck catching all these guys!


Series 11 Countdown Day 8

Hey everyone, I got a new charger! So I’m back and ready to do days 8-1!

So for today, we have King Brian the Dandy Lion, #201!

Take a bow because Dandy Lions are convinced they are descendants of Emperor Meow, the legendary Regal Roarer who once ruled over the Barmy Swami Jungle. But they’re not. They’re just silly little Moshlings who enjoy wearing Twistmas cracker crowns and waving at passers by. All hail!


They live in Barmy Swami Jungle, along with Jeepers and Lips!

Who is Lips, you may ask? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Series 11 Countdown – Plumpty!

Howdy y’all!

Welcome to day eight of the Series 11 Countdown. Today’s Moshling is a posh and proper pudding!


Day 9 Plumpty


Proper by name, proper by nature, these amazingly prudish Moshlings disapprove of anything new or remotely out of the ordinary. And that’s strange when you consider the fact each and every Proper Pud’s head is filled with gooey magic icing that tastes like mulled Bongo Colada. Not that they’d ever dare try it themselves!

You can find these little guys alongside Coolio in Knickerbocker Nook or on Ooh La Lane at Twistmastime!


Series 11 Countdown – Darwin!

Hi everyone!

Like the new header and background? I have had computer problems so I haven’t been able to make one. Thankfully, Rosscp and Luke have helped me and made us a nice background and header. Thanks you guys!

Today, we have quite an interesting, poor, confused little Moshling..





Why are they confused? Why feel sorry for them? Well, for a start,  this Moshling and their friends are in the hands of Dr. Strangeglove. Other than that, this guy can never make his mind up. Read their bio below to know more about him!


It’s hardly surprising Dithering Dodos are so rare because they can’t decide if they are coming or going. In fact these incredibly indecisive Moshlings can’t even decide if they can fly, and can often be seen dithering around towering ice ledges preparing to jump… before changing their minds. Again!

Pretty cool Moshling right there. They live alongside Peppy in the Frostipop Glacier, which is nice to see the connection with old Moshlings!

That’s all for now,


Stay tuned tomorrow